specialty coffees...Guatemala Antigua La Flor del Cafe
“The flower of Antigua coffee” is grown by small farmers in the valley of Antigua and processed at the famous pastores mill and supervised by the quality manager of La Minita. A classic coffee with distinct flavor, rich, full body note with a sweet smoky flavor hinting at dark chocolate, a wonderful cup!

Code : GTLFC01
Country : Guatemala
Region : Antigua
Estate/Mill : Los Pastores
Varietal : Bourbon, Typica
Altitude : Above 1500m
Grade : SHB
Processing : Wet-Processed
Price : RM55/227g

The highlands of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees. Due to the climate and rich volcanic soil, the mountain basin surrounding the austerely beautiful colonial city Guatemala Antigua produces the most distinguished of these highland coffees: Guatemala Antigua, a coffee that combines complex nuances (smoke, spice, flowers, occasionally chocolate) with acidity ranging from gently bright to austerely powerful.

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